OnLive Desktop brings Microsoft Office to iPad

OnLive, the company that has brought us cloud-based gaming, has released OnLive Desktop for iPad. OnLive Desktop provides a virtual Windows 7 client interface in the cloud giving access to full versions of Microsoft Office products with 2GB of secure cloud storage for free. Additional service plans will be available soon to get added benefits.

Responsive, Touch-friendly Interface

The interface is quick and responsive, much like OnLive’s cloud-gaming service. OnLive has also made enhancements to the touch interface in certain programs to support pinching for zooming and flicking to scroll.
Otherwise the programs operate just as you would except in a Windows environment. You can open multiple files and multiple programs in the client without issues. I’m sure the experience will get even better when Windows 8 comes out with it’s touch-friendly interface.

What do you get? and What’s coming?

Currently, OnLive Desktop app is free and it comes with 2GB of secure cloud storage. The free version comes with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Blackboard, Microsoft Surface Collage, Microsoft Pond, Microsoft Rebound, Paint, Calculator, Sticky Notes, and the Tablet PC Input Panel. This app is a useful tool for students taking online classes.

If this is not enough, OnLive has OnLive Desktop Pro service starting at $9.99 a month which will be available soon. Getting the Pro service will get you priority access to the servers, 50 GB of secure cloud storage, cloud-based web browsing, and ability to add additional PC applications. The applications you will be able to add will be limited by OnLive if they deem them to compromise security or reliability.

OnLive even has an Enterprise service option to scale the service for businesses. Also coming soon for Pro and Enterprise users are collaborative services like live desktop spectating and sharing with voice chat, where you can have up to thousands of simultaneous users joining in.

For more information check out the page the OnLive Desktop web site.

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