Lego Voltron

Spotted in the wild: This meticulously crafted Voltron composed entirely of Lego bricks!  Each lion is individually transformable, and they combine to form Voltron, the Defender of the Universe!  My childhood die-cast Voltron toy pales in comparison to this 3-foot tall behemoth.

Lego Voltron Lions

Even customized Lego pilots for each of the Lions were created.  Each Lion has a cockpit built into the head where the pilots are seated!  The only flaw I see is it cannot form Blazing Sword on its own, but I think we can overlook this 😉  Sandlin spent 71 hours of building over the course of about 3 months to build this masterpiece.

Check out Sandlin’s Voltron and Work in progress flickr photostreams for more pictures!

Sources: Voltron: The Official Facebook Page,, Flickr

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