Chronicle Movie Review


Chronicle is not your typical superhero / supervillain film.

The movie opens up with Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan) a teenager in highschool starting his day off by using his video camera to record his day-to-day life experiences. His background is tense from the get go with depressing issues. He has a dying mother with a need for medication they can’t afford, a drunk and abusive father, and to top it off, the students at school treat him like crap.

During a party Andrew is brought by his cousin Matt Garetty (Alex Russell), and “most popular guy in highschool” Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan) to a mysterious cave where they inherit powers. As the three have a blast messing around with the god-like abilities things go haywire and Andrew begins to abuse the powers more and more in an attempt to fix his tormented life…but naturally, the results are disastrous.

The movie is shot with a unsteady camera feel to it, not as shaky as The Blaire Wicth Project or Cloverfield but enough to let you know it’s supposed to be amateuristic in style.

Chronicle will pull at your emotions. It’s a dark story about a good person surrounded by horrible things. Witnessing the every day struggles Andrew has to put up with is truly impacting and the second half of the film is loaded with a shocking amount of disturbingly bleak moments. But, this isn’t a movie that’ll leave you in a slump when you walk out the door. Laced between the moments of depression and sympathy is a plethora of feel-good and hilarious moments as the guys have a bit of fun with their powers and help Andrew come out of his shell at school.

Even though the concept is out of the ordinary, you’ll find yourself relating to the experience the friends are going through. You care about their developments and you’ll laugh along with them as they prank others and grow closer while stumbling around with their newfound abilities. And, with a story like this, the group positively needs to be sporting excellent chemistry. Thankfully, that’s just the case in Chronicle and each actor performs well, allowing the friendship to feel legitimate and not forced. The final act will blow you away. You’ll be engrossed as the film takes a grim turn and transforms into a stunning action sequence that blasts across the city of Seattle. You won’t regret catching this film.

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