Puella Magi Ma​doka Magica En​glish Screenin​g Premiere on February 10

Aniplex of America is hosting the exclusive live-streaming, English premiere of Puella Magi Ma​doka Magica.  This Media Arts Award Winning Series will debut with the 1st episode and include special greetings from the English cast.

For those of you who are new to Puella Magi Ma​doka Magica, this seemingly innocent and sweet looking anime is anything but.  In this world strange creatures exist who have the powers to grant one wish to a chosen girl.  However in exchange for that wish the girl must become a magical girl, and must use her powers to battle witches and the forces of darkness.  And in doing so risk becoming a witch herself.

Sign up for the premiere screening on Feb 10th, 2012!

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