Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker Coming 2012!

Is it no coincidence that this is the year of the Dragon? Well for Dragon Age fans like myself I’d like to think so. Because now Bioware is getting ready to add it’s first ever feature-length animated film to the Dragon Age universe!

Dawn of the Seeker is the story behind Cassandra Pentaghast.  The chantry seeker featured in Dragon Age 2, who searches to find the truth behind the champion in hopes of averting war in Thedes.

The Story unfolds as the young Orlesian Seeker finds herself accused of murder and treason while trying to uncover a dark plot to destroy the realms most powerful order.  As she seeks to prove her innocence she must also stop this dark conspiracy from destroying the Chantry before it is too late, or find herself facing the executioner’s blade.

For more information check out the Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker website!

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