Masters of the Universe Classics Pack a “Thunder” Punch at New York Toy Fair 2012

The Masters of the Universe Classics has been a strong running action figure line since it’s release back in 2008. Four years later the line is running stronger than ever with great artistry, fantasy and passion. During this year’s New York Toy Fair 2012, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are back again with even more “Thunder” in it’s punch! The figures, accessories and beast vehicles will be available on Mattel’s collector website and at select conventions.

Masters of the Universe Classics 2012 Release Dates
Temple of Darkness Sorceress: Also available at New York Comic Con and Power Con
Fisto: Available 2/15
Shadow Weaver: Available 2/15 only to subscribers of 2012 Club Eternia (a special figure for subscription service fans)
Kobra Kahn: Available 3/15
Thunder Punch He-Man: Available 4/16 with issue 1 mini comic book
Stinkor: Available 5/15
Snake Mountain Stands: Available 5/15
Slush Head: Available 5/15
Griffin: Available 6/15
Horde Prime: Available 6/15
Snake Man-at-Arms: Available 6/15, with issue 2 mini comic book
Spikor: Available 7/16
Snake Men 2-Pack: Available 7/16
Frosta: Available 9/15

MOTU 30th Anniversary Series Release Datess
Draego-Man: Available 4/16
The Mighty Spector: Available 5/15
Sir Laser Lot: Available 8/15

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