Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance Movie Review

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance takes Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) into Eastern Europe, he’s been running away from the curse of the Ghost Rider by trying to seclude himself from everyone else. He is called upon by to stop the devil (Ciarán Hinds), who is trying to take human form by entering the body of a boy named Danny (Fergus Riordan).

The sequel takes on a different tone in the way the Ghost Rider is presented. He talks allot less, and everyone around him is open game for judgment. It makes him more menacing, unpredictable and honestly does a better job at being scary. The things that I enjoyed about the film were that he seemed more visceral and in a creepy demonic way, more powerful with the ability to simply kill a foe with the slightest fiery touch.

Nicolas Cage plays Johnny Blaze with a more stressed out personality. He’s been trying to control this demon for sometime now and mentally it’s broken him down. He’s erratic, to the point in some cases and at other times a little goofy. There’s a scene where he swallows meds to help him control the Ghost Rider from appearing at nightfall and his battle to not transform is sort of cartoonish but understandable when you consider he’s supposed to be “under the influence”.

Along side the Ghost Rider is Moreau (Idris Elba) who offers Blaze a way to lift the burning curse if he helps him to save the child from Ray Carrigan (Johnny Whitworth). Moreau is fun to watch on the screen, you can never really tell if he’s someone you can trust or if he has some other motive with the amount of flare his character exhibits. Together they take on both the devil and Carrigan who is granted the power of decay to kill his enemies.

There are loop holes in the film, and there are parts where the character depth seems thin, despite these issues it was still enjoyable to watch the Ghost Rider come to life with a deadlier attitude and more realistic character design. He’s now charred with a blackened skull, and his black leather outfit constantly bubbles with ashes giving him realistic look compared to the 2007 film’s shiny chains and bright white skull.

The story also delivers a bit more background as to who the Ghost Rider truly is, Zarathos a angel who was captured and driven mad by the devil to produce a corrupted angel of justice who believes in punishment of the guilty. Ultimately the spirit of vengeance’s angel is realized and the once hell fire red flames reignite with a blue purity. This change in spirit could lead to a third Ghost Rider film.

ghost rider 3

Ghost Rider the Spirit of Vengeance is decent, it’s better than the original film and the special effects along with cinematography is a step up as well. It’s not going to be a must see film for most, but if you liked Ghost Rider in the previous film or in the comics then you’ll probably enjoy watching his further evolution.

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