PXL – Multi-format Games Magazine for iPad and Android

PXL Magazine

Coming soon to your iPad and/or Android device: PXL Magazine.  What is PXL magazine, you ask?  Our lives are becoming increasingly digitized and mobile. Apple, Google, Amazon, and many other companies (as well as the Borg) are declaring “resistance is futile”, go digital or go the way of the eight-track.  PXL magazine is one of the first (if not the first) to take your gaming news and reviews directly to your handy mobile-ipandroid-ka-jigger on a weekly basis. It won’t be your typical news reader, as it will take advantage of the interactivity of your tablet device. Sounds cool?

Now, who are PXL?  “PXL is being assembled by a crack team of gamers who’ve written for PSM, Nintendo Power, Next Generation, Official Xbox Magazine, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Joystiq, and more. They’re led by former PSM executive editor Randy Nelson. Inspired by that ground-breaking magazine, Randy has worked with the editorial staff to make PXL both a tribute to it and a jumping off point to something even better.” PXL via Kickstarter

PXL got their initial funding via a Kickstarter project and are launching soon! Get more info from their Twitter, Facebook, and Kickstart pages.

@pxlmag on Twitter
PXL Magazine on Facebook
PXL Magazine Kickstart page

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