Marvel Avengers Alliance Review


I’m not typically a facebook gamer, but when a promotional ad by Playdom flashed the words “Avengers Alliance” I had to find out more. For comic book fans it turns out to be a pretty addictive game surrounding the Marvel universe.

The game has 10 chapters of storyline which are locked. You have to unlock them by meeting certain requirements. It could be collecting enough silver, recruiting a new hero like the Incredible Hulk, or *GASP* asking your friends to pilot your jets. Yes, it has the traditional facebook lure of you asking your friends to be a part of the game by sending out invites and scorning their page with requests.

Oh well! After you do that you wind up getting your friends to help you by giving gifts, helping with a mission via their character and visiting cities they live in that give rewards.

Marvel Avengers Alliance is a turn based game, you start off by customizing a S.H.E.I.L.D agent, and recruit a few heroes to head into action with you. On the first chapter I got Iron Man and Black Widow, then Hawkeye. When I saw the list of additional characters I could get I nearly opened up my wallet to buy “gold” to convert to virtual purchases of command points. I really wanted to get Colossus from the X-Men really bad, but persevered and earned my 25 points.


It’s a strategic and tactical game. Every hero and villain has a special class. You could be a Blaster, Infiltrator, Tactician, Bruiser or Scrapper. When these different classes meet one another there is a trade off of advantaged and vulnerabilities. Take for instance if you’re fighting a thug who is a Tactician with Black Widow who is a Infiltrator, any attack she inflicts on the thug gains her a combat reflex, which means she gets to strike twice! The poor Tactician is vulnerable but like a game of chess he can be used against another hero on your team that is vulnerable to his class attack. It’s actually pretty addicting to try to mix and match characters in a team to take on the bad guys. Your main character is a generalist by class and you can pick two other heroes to go into a mission with you.

The game has a energy limit cap, what does this mean? Well it means you get to play for a limited amount of time, unless you pay for more “gold” which buys energy. Each mission in a chapter sucks up energy. Say you have 100 energy and a mission says -10, you pretty much have 10 missions you can do battle in before you have to let you characters charge up, which takes roughly 4-6 hours. I have not timed it completely. That’s OK though, I actually feel like this is a good thing because the game is such a addictive time grabber that the kick outs will let you get back to being productive elsewhere in your life, unless you buy the “gold”!


While you’re getting a break you can have your heroes fly out on jets from the S.H.E.I.L.D hellicarrier and get XP and silver on these resting missions. While they’re gone you can’t use them until they come back, which can be minutes or up to a full day. The longer they are out there the more silver they bring back for you to buy goodies with.

The characters level up through missions and you’ll want to build up some pretty decent attacks fast. There is a array of attacks like using Iron Man’s repulsor blast for a critical hit on one opponent or using his arm missiles to catch everyone on the screen with additional chance for extra damage by having them burn from the explosion for the next 5 turns.


You can equip you characters with special ores that give strength, toughness, health and more. Along with that you can research new technologies and supplies like grenades, advanced blades usage to use katanas or special skills to make class characters more unique and stronger.

Try it out and see how you like it. Avengers Assemble!

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