The Hunger Games

All of Panem: The Reaping is upon us!  The Hunger Games is now!

Ok, this isn’t the official trailer, but it’s an awesome remix video based off the official trailer by one of my favorite DJ’s, Mike Relm.  Having read the first couple of books, I really can’t wait for this movie.  As you read the book, you are dropped into the world of Panem, in the shoes of Katniss Everdeen from District 12 who offers herself as a replacement for her young sister who was chosen to battle in The Hunger Games.  Author Suzanne Collins vividly imagines a world of a future post apocalyptic North America.  A world in which 12 lowly districts must annually atone for a previous rebellion against the wealthy Capitol.  Each district must offer 2 of their children as “Tributes” in a syndicated battle to the death.  Only one of the 24 Tributes can win.

It may sound like the movie “Battle Royale“, or possibly like yet another teenage angst movie, a-la “Twilight”, never judge a book by its cover.  There’s much more plot than “Battle Royale” and much less teen-angst than “Twilight” (thank gawd).  For the past couple years, I’ve been hearing the buzz about the book and I gave in and bought it.  The buzz was definitely called for.  As I watched the trailer for the movie, I immediately feel like the casting was spot-on.  Jennifer Lawrence plays the shy but quick-witted Katniss.  Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson, is sort of your plain-looking boy with a crush, yet is strong-willed and self-sacrificing.  I felt their looks fit the images I had in my head for the two of them perfectly.  Woody Harrelson’s casting as the always drunken, previous Hunger Games winner, Haymitch was just a perfect fit.  My original vision of the Prep team’s Cinna was not that of the casted Lenny Kravitz.  Yet now, I can totally see him as Cinna.  I can’t wait to see how the other characters look on the big screen and how they compare to my mental images of them.  Actually hearing Rue’s mockingjay song gave me the chills.  And of course, I’ll be comparing how the plot plays out on the big screen and I’ll let you know what I think soon….

The Hunger Games is in theaters near you NOW.

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