Avengers VS X-Men: Premieres with a New Digital Experience


The highly anticipated issue #1 of Avengers VS X-Men hit comic book shops and the Marvel App store this week. The new series puts earth’s mightiest heroes and the children of the atom in a battle to determine the fate of the world and mutantkind.

Avengers VS X-Men’s digital release delivered something special, a enhanced reading experience for it’s digital readers by Marvel Infinite Comics. The way it works is you simply tap on the right side of the screen to move forward and the left side of the screen to move backwards. What it delivers for most part is a new borderless way of reading your comics.


A regular digital comic book is read the same way but offers a more traditional display of bordered window panels on the screen which looks just like a comic book.

The Marvel Infinite Comics experience offers a bag of new tricks such as:

  • Borderless Frames – Scenes can be tiled in different arrangements or even overlayed atop of one another providing a cinematic flow.
  • Focus – Transistions of scenes have the ability focus on foreground or background. It’s a really neat trick to give the scenes even more depth.
  • Scene Updating – Single or multiple scenes on a panel update to reflect the changing mood/story of the page.

***Borderless Frames & Scene Updating***








Avengers VS X-Men #1 is not entirely built this way, the main story line remains traditional, but it’s the prelude story at the end featuring Nova’s travel to earth that receives the digital polish and shine.

I usually read my digital comics in a “zoom-in panel” transitions, this was a real treat to see that they’ve recognized this way of reading as the preferred way by iPad and Android tablet users. You can focus on a scene so much easier without the noise of the other scenes surrounding it, as well as removing the accidental peripheral vision scene that could ruin a story surprise!

The new digital experience is part guided tour, part animated movie but retains the same great story telling of the comic book. Fresh ink on a new comic book will always be near a dear to my heart. In the evolution of digital comics, this is moving in the right direction. To Marvel Infinite Comics and Beyond! (That was supposed to sound like Buzz Lightyear said it.)

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