The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review


The Amazing Spider-Man takes a different approach to the story of Peter Parker. “Peter Parker finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on a collision course with Dr. Curt Connors, his father’s former partner.”

His parents are involved in the creation of Peter becoming Spider-Man, and a lot of mystery shrouds them up until a teaser for the next film. The plot is good, the pace is decent and the special effects are on par with current films. It unfortunately feels more serious and less comedic.

You don’t really feel as sorry for Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man as you would for Tobey McGuire’s version back in 2002. Andrew’s Peter Parker feels more EMO. He’s more stylish and not that geeky looking. I could never apply the word “nerd” onto his Peter Parker as I could to Tobey.

There is one very unrealistic part of the movie at the end that just drove me up the wall as Gwen Stacy pursues Peter trying to put their relationship together despite the loss of her father, which was indirectly caused by Peter. Who does that?! It’s a happy yet unrealistic ending which is very unlike the the Spider-Man we know from books and previous films.

I was really glad to see the Lizard introduced as Spider-Man’s enemy, I’m torn on his visual representation, but I can live it. I miss the torn lab coat from the comics as unrealistic as that might be.

It’s all about preference in this movie if you’re a Spider-Man fan, but as a movie goer you can watch this and be thoroughly entertained about 90 percent of the time…the other 10 percent just chocks me with the happy ending which I’m still coming to grips with!

Why Columbia and Sony felt like doing a reboot so quickly after the original Spider-Man film is a mystery. I can only assume it’s to milk the cash cow before their license for Spider-Man is over and returns back to Marvel.

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