Castle Grayskull: He-Man and The Masters of the Universe Fans Start Drooling

At San Diego Comic-Con 2012 (SDCC), Action Figure Xpress displayed a complete sculpture by the Four Horsemen of He-Man’s magical fortess, Castle Grayskull. In the 80s the Castle Grayskull playset opened up two halves that provided a exterior for the front (north end) and east wing. On the other side of the two halves was the castle’s interior, which featured a working trap door, throne and other neat features.

What was never seen was never seen was the west wing, south end and top floor sections. The brilliant designers were hard at work designing what the rest of the castle would look like based off of historical drawings, television and design innovation from the Four Horsemen team. The details are so beautiful on the castle that it made me want one immediately! The license for the castle is still pending from Mattel, but with any luck we’ll be able to make this a centerpiece for all fans of He-man and the Masters of the Universe!

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