Iron Man 3 Costume Revealed

At San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2012. Marvel had a jaw dropping booth showing all seven of the Iron Man armor suits. Fans were invited to step up and take pictures with the amazing suits. Later in the day standing front in center was a never-before-scene armored suit, with quite a unique look. Unlike the standard Iron Man armor designs that use red as its primary color, this one inverts the color scheme by embracing a golden design.

The golden design is seemingly inspired by the Extremis concepts from the comics, of which this film is sourcing story details from and the gold is quite a contrast from the usual red-focused designs. The question now becomes, will Tony Stark have other suits in addition to this one or will that all be saved for War Machine and the villains? What does this mean for Iron Man’s armor in The Avengers 2 and will we ever see an adaptation of the Hulkbuster armor?

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