Valve and Weta Announce Collectibles from DOTA 2

Valve and Weta Ltd are excited to announce an agreement to create and market collectible statues, weapons and armor from Valve’s wildly successful Dota 2 online video game. The first items in the range of Dota 2 collectibles will be on display this Friday 31st August at “The International” Dota 2 Championships, taking place in Seattle, USA, where teams from around the world are competing for the grand prize of US$1 million and a brand new Championship trophy created by the artists at Weta Workshop.

Over the last year, Weta and Valve have collaborated on several projects such as the TF2 Sentry Gun and more recently a Turret from Valve’s award winning IP, Portal. And of course creating the range of online weapons from Weta’s Dr Grordbort’s brand.

The range will be available for pre-order from Weta’s website from 9am US Pacific Time on Friday 31 August.

Check out the official Dota 2 website


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