iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III – Comparison, Oh what a Feeling!

About a couple of months ago I got my new Galaxy S III. A friend of mine let me use his during our trip to Comic Con and I was smitten with it’s 4GLTE speed. Just today my wife’s new iPhone 5 got shipped to the house and so comparison time had to begin.

We won’t go into the tech specs or the features of the phone, instead we are going to talk about the feel and construction of the phones. When I first got my Galaxy S III I was impressed with how light it was along with the gigantic size of the screen. All that real estate on the screen made me feel like maybe all I needed was this one device instead of having a iPad and a iPhone. It felt like it was the right medium, until I started to use it.

The screen is so large that the borders of the frame are thin, so thin, that operating the phone with one hand becomes frustrating by accidental touches made by any part of your hand, in my case it was the palm of my thumb constantly touching the return button or some lower right side displayed app.

The volume button uses a pivotal switch vs the individual volume up and volume down buttons that the iPhone 5 uses. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve unintentionally changed the volume on the phone. If you keep the phone in your pocket as you workout or do any activity you could be in for a unpleasant volume surprise.

The deadliest of these buttons is how the Galaxy S III places the off button on the opposite side of the volume switch. The first thing that I do when I reach for my phone is nearly turn it off due to incorrect positioning of the power button, it’s that or wind up accidentally changing volume.

When we get into the construction level it’s simple feeling. One is plastic and the other is metal and glass. The Galaxy S III is very light and the build is attractive. The iPhone 5 feels heavier yet more qualitative. In this arena of build quality it depends on what you’d like to carry, heavier or lighter.

I think the Galaxy S III is a super phone on the INSIDE, but the design wasn’t meant for human beings. Every negative that I brought up about the Galaxy S III, the iPhone 5 took the opposite approach and got it right. If you’ve been wondering about which phone to get and think the operating systems are on par you’re right, but for the extra added bonus of using a device that feels good in your hands, choose the iPhone 5.

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