Judge Dredd Movie Review – The Judgement is Bad Ass!

Out of the blue Judge Dredd comes back to film since Sylvester Stallone’s version back in 1995. For moviegoers that remember the 90’s Dredd you’ll remember comedian Rob Schneider placed in the movie as a comic relief. There is no comic relief in the latest Judge Dredd film, it’s grimy, dirty, serious and action packed in the most gruesome ways. With that said you’re not going to want to bring any kids with you to watch Judge Dredd, but as a hardcore action fan, you’ll be treated to a delight of artistic violent cinematography.

The story falls in line with what you’d expect from a Judge Dredd comic book. It’s brutal, punishing and yes, you can feel the super ego of WHO the law is! The story takes place in Mega City 1 a post apocalyptic city in the middle of an irradiated wasteland, America. A psychic rookie-cop named Anderson is being assessed by Judge Dredd for commission into the Judgehood. They head in for a ugly encounter with ex prostitute gone gang leader, Ma Ma.

No helmet please, I'm a psychic.

Karl Urban stars as Judge Dredd and pulls it off with amazing grit. When you can go from Star Trek Dr. McCoy to criminal killing judge, that’s dynamic! Olivia Thirlby, rookie Anderson gives a impressive performance as well as a first time on the beat “Cop”.

I wasn’t expecting anything from this film really, but it shot up to one of my favorite hardcore action movies. Let’s hope the 2013 Robocop revival can meet this new par.

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