He-Man: Most Powerful Game In The Universe – Game Review


He-Man: The Most Powerful Game In The Universe by Chillingo was released for iOS devices earlier this week, it’s been fun smashing, slashing and punching the day light out of evil doers!


The evil Skeletor has invited He-Man to play a game and has requested he bring the keys to Castle Grayskull to play, DOH! Our blonde hero totally falls for it hook, line and sinker. No worries he is He-Man after all and will break the chains of evil!


Breaking his bonds He-Man wades through a army of villains across Eternia. Passing through the Dungeons, Snake Mountain, Fright Zone, Crystal Sea, Eternos palace, Grayskull Walls and finally Grayskull Interior.


You’ll find power ups for He-Man’s advanced attacks, along with tokens to unleash the Power of Grayskull and summon your trusty friend Man-at-Arms in the Store.



Historic rewards from the 80s like Character Bios, Game Concept Art, Mini Comic Covers and Classic Box Art are unlocked when you find He-Man’s “H” symbol through Eternia’s map, use the Lore section of the map to collect them all!





You’ll get to fight the likes of Beastman, Mer-Man, Hordak, Trap Jaw, the Evil Lord of Destruction Skeletor and his minions from both the toy line and cartoon series created by filmation! The game play mechanics feels like a hybrid between Konami’s Castlevania and Capcom’s Mega man series. It’s a refreshing return for both this classic character and side scrolling game play. Rock ‘Em and Sock ‘Em!





Trap jaw feels like a Mega Man or Dr. Robotnik boss.




No, King Hiss isn't here but seeing the Snake Men gives us potential to see him in a second game.



With a game full of baddies, there will be a chance for our hero to fall temporarily. Fear not, if you should fall our favorite magician Orko will be there to tell you your fortune. By touching his crystal ball you could recieve game prizes such as crystal points or a revive from Orko. If you’re unlucky in the Game of Chance, Skeletor may seal your fate.


Help, I've fallen and I can't get up, Orko is that you?! WTH!


This game was a true delight to play and perfecting each stage becomes obsessive! If you’re not convinced already watch the trailer.

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