Brave Robotics: 1/12 Scale RC Transformer That Really Works


Brave Robotics developed a 1/12 scale Autobot transformer using a custom 3D printer, and it will be on display at Maker Faire Tokyo next week. Once fully morphed out of its initial automobile form, it takes the shape of a bipedal robot that moves about much like two-legged soccer-playing robots we’ve seen at Robocup and Robogames. This robot also has the ability to shoot some sort of dart from each of its arms.

A fully assembled and programed mini-Autobot, complete with remote control and housed in its own case, will be available for purchase, but a price has not yet been disclosed. Production is limited to 10 units, but you can choose the colors of your Decepticon fighting robot. Once you’ve placed your order, it’ll take about a month to produce.

Check out this Earth-defending, shape-shifting robot in action below.

via Hobby Media

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