Ys IV Dawn of Ys Dubbing Project Complete

When you think of the great RPG franchises out there, the names Zelda, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, or Kingdom Hearts probably come to mind.  Ys, on the other hand, is probably not on your list.  Nonetheless, to me Ys is one to remember.  A few of you gamers out there may remember the Turbografx 16 A.K.A. the PC Engine. And of those few of you, may have been lucky enough to play Ys Book I & II on the Turbografx CD.  I blissfully squandered many hours of my teenage life playing this game and its sequel Ys III over and over.  As a teen, I hoped that Ys IV would also make it over from Japan.  Sadly, it never did.  Unfortunately, the TG16 lost steam early in the 16-bit system wars of the early 90’s and eventually bowed out of the race, leaving the SNES and the Genesis to battle.  Although a much-revised version of Ys IV (titled Ys IV: Mask of the Sun) came out for the SNES, I refused to play the degenerate half-brother of the real McCoy.  Can you tell I’m bitter? 😉

I had just about given up hope that I’d be able to play Ys IV Dawn of Ys in full 16-bit glory, fully localized.  Nearly 20 years after its original 1993 release, a talented team of programmers, translators, and voice actors have completed a patch for the original PC-Engine ISO.  NightWolve, David Shadoff, Burnt Lasagna, and team did a spectacular job in the dubbing effort. This complements NightWolve’s earlier effort of text translation which finished in 2004.  The outcome is a totally localized version of Ys IV Dawn of Ys!

Finally, I’ve started playing a fully-localized Ys IV on my favorite TG16/PCE emulator, MagicEngine!  Happy New Year Indeed!!  Ys is a long-overlooked and under-appreciated RPG franchise that you should give a chance, and with the text and dubbing patches, you have one more reason to give it a try!  Kudos to NightWolve and his team!

via http://www.ysutopia.nethttp://www.pcenginefx.com

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