Steve Jobs Action Figure Released, for Real This Time!


A few months back Legend Toys made an announcement that it would release a Steve Jobs highly-detailed and limited action figure.

Hong Kong based company In ICONS tried to do the same thing in 2011, but after receiving pressure from the Jobs family and Apple’s lawyers to not release the figure, In ICONS pulled out. Fans of Steve Jobs were denied his action figures likeness on thier desktops and shelves.

This was not so for Legend Toys, a action figure collectible manufacturer in Japan, as I received my Steve Jobs figure this past weekend! The quality of the figure is truly top-notch, delivering a true to life representation of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs.


I was amazed by the face sculpt, paint job and intricate materials used. The figure comes dressed in a black turtle neck shirt, blue jeans and New Balance shoes that we have become so familiar with during each of Steve Job’s Apple key note appearances.


The figure comes with a few accessories (no iPads, iPhones or iPods, possibly due to licensing issues). Six interchangable hands are included to get those memorable gestures posed on the action figure to resemble many of the pictures seen of Steve Jobs. Two of the hands are bendable into any manner of gestures. Ironically a bitten apple is packaged in, though I have not seen any pictures of Jobs with a actual apple in his hands since his younger days. Two pairs of Steve’s glasses are supplied as well. They seem very delicate which would explain why they would want to give you an extra pair.





Oddly enough one accessory stood out to me was his chair. It’s not just a hard plastic chair. Just like the figure Legend Toys throughly delivers a cushioned minature chair for Steve to sit on and contemplate his key note messaging! The frame is made of real metal and the upholstry is a textured faux leather.



With this combination of figure and accessories, almost any memorable pose can be recreated on your desktop or shelf. It’s really uncanny when you see it in person. It’s as if the presence and spirit of Steve Jobs can be seen at a miniature scale, no doubt this is what Legend Toys had intended for all of Steve Job’s fans. At the cost of $199, it’s priced similarly to other high-end collectible action figures like Hot Toys and Enterbay, but they don’t have Steve Jobs in thier line up do they? It’s not very often that I can say that I’d purchase an action figure that was’nt a superhero or movie character. I doubt I’d want a whole series of CEO figures because I really don’t, but Steve Jobs is has been a exception to the rule and made me “think different” about wanting to own this action figure.

Watch the video to see the box and full 360 rotations of the Steve Jobs action figure by Legend Toys below.

Great job Legend Toys, you made this fan a happy camper.

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