Django: Unchained – More Cancelled Toys


Django high-end collectible figures aimed at adult collectors - Cancelled

The successful film Django: Unchained by Quentin Tarantino was released last year, but it’s license to make products seems to be a utter failure. Earlier this year NECA a toy manufacturer, produced an 8″ action figure line for Django: Unchained. It was met with massive backlash from several African-American advocacy groups and most notably Reverend Al Sharpton. The toy line was discontinued but a wave of figures made their way to retailers and now fetch a hefty price tag on Amazon.

Enterbay, a company known for producing life like 1:6 scale action figures targeted at collectors 17 years and older had lined up Django (Jamie Fox) and Calvin Candie (Leonardo De Caprio) for a release in July. Letters of cancellation were released this morning due to the judgment of the Weinstein movie studio. The high priced $200 Enterbay figures featured only Django (hero) and Calvin Candie (villain). It was well beyond the reach of children, but it goes to show you how committed the Weinstein movie studio is in respecting the advocacy group’s wishes.

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