Wondercon 2013 – Round Up


Wondercon 2013 is in full effect in Anaheim California. It’s also the second Wondercon to be hosted in Anaheim since it’s departure from San Francisco two years ago. Ticket sales have increased and it’s starting to strike a resemblance to big brother, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Costumes are in abundance everywhere you look.

Panels talking about everything comics and science-fiction run all day long, though it’s not as impressionistic as some of SDCC’s panels like “How to make Star Wars origami 101”.

I’m impressed with the increase of exclusives released such as DC Nation’s Aardman Batman and Robin Classic Action Figure 2-pack Limited 2000 and Guy Gardner and Larfleeze Action Figure 2-Pack Limited 5000. Variant covers of Batman 17 and JLA 1 were also available. Other exclusives from Super 7, Kid Robot and more were offered at the convention.

We also got a glance at new Toys that DC Collectibles are producing and the highly anticipated Injustice: Gods Amongst Us video game, which drew crowds to play.

Alongside famous comic book artists, writers and stars, director of upcoming movie ‘Pacific Rim’, Guillermo Del Toro makes a appearance in a Q and A panel for budding fans of the movie release to be.

I predict Wondercon will stay in Anaheim, but fandom is still strong in the San Francisco Bay Area with shows like Big Wow holding it’s comic book convention grounds in San Jose, California. Big Wow will be held May 18-19.

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