Injustice Gods Among Us is the Best iOS Fighting Game


Injustice Gods Amongst Us was released for iOS devices this week. I really did not know what to expect out of this game, maybe it was just a gimmick to get people to learn more about Injustice Gods Amongst out of curiousness, maybe it would be some sort of fluff puzzle game? Well it did make me curious, but this app turned out to be a full-fledged fighting game all by itself. Here’s the thing about this fighting game, I think it’s the best fighting game to be released on any iOS device or maybe even any touch device.

Let’s go over the basics first. It’s a 3vs3 tag team battle. Your moves are simple but effective. Tapping on the screen launches smaller attacks and when cued, a arrow appears. If you follow the motion of the arrow you’ll complete a combo string. It’s not all mad tapping though, you can defend by holding down two fingers on the screen to build up your energy level.


Your super move meter will grow with each attack blocked and as the meter completely charges it’ll flash to let you know to tap it. Unleash your special attack superhero style! Green Lantern conjurs up a green turbine engine to ram villainous foes, Nightwing charges up his escrima sticks and Lex Luthor will let loose a canon.


Are these your only three characters you can play with? NO! You can earn points playing the game and unlock other heroes and villains in the game. You can also use those points to charge up special attacks or unlock new abilities.


The development team has really gone all out in understanding how a fighting game on a touch screen should be played. Games like Street Fighter and Tekken on iOS have been pretty complex trying to imitate the move structures of the arcade games. It’s really tough because the movement are imprecise due to not having a joystick or controller. Injustice Gods Amongst Us got it right, let us tap and slide to our hearts content! They even let us tap our tag team partners in during mid combo!

Injustice Gods Among Us is available on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and will tie you over for the real thing on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this month.

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