Injustice Gods Among Us Collectors Edition Game Review


Injustice Gods Among Us Collectors Edition arrived yesterday and I’ve been drooling over this game since it was announced last year. A somewhat predecessor to this game was Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. It had a somewhat linear fighting dimension but also delivered a interesting campaign story about how the two worlds merged.

Injustice Gods Among Us is an evolution through Mortal Kombat vs DC and the most recent Mortal Kombat 2011 game. Mortal Kombat (2011) was hailed as a excellent fighting game all on it’s own. Many would have guessed that the game design would be used for Injustice Gods Amongst Us, but game developer, Netherealm wanted to give the game a life of it’s own only borrowing the successful elements of Mortal Kombat in the game.


First and foremost. The thing about the game that got me play for several hours until I completed the game was the STORY! It’s fantastic! You’re trapped in a alternate reality where Superman has turned into the worst tyrant ever by the hands of the Joker. All who oppose him are eradicated, being the hero, you cannot continue to let that pass for sake of earth’s freedom. You don’t get to choose your character in story mode as you need to play lead characters through chapters.


In the first round of the game, you can feel the visceral combination attacks of any character. The moves feel sharp and precise. Performing juggling air combos take a little practice, but becomes well worth it after a hour or so of performing small string ground combos and working your way up to air combos. It feels exceptionally skillful when you approach the more advanced fighting combinations like each move you make is based on intention vs a flurry of button mashing i.e. Marvel vs Capcom 3.

During a fight the game offers a wager damage system. Both competitors wager an amount of life energy. Based on the outcome, the winner goes unscathed as the loser’s life diminishes by how much they had bet. I think the cinematic for the wager battle is great but I wish I had some sort of control over the outcome of the wager battle. Then again, that’s probably why it’s called a wager battle…it’s simply betting.

The super moves are just astounding. I was really excited to see how well animated as well at tied into the character. My favorite super move has to be Aquaman. Striking the ground with his trident he calls the sea to his aid. A tidal wave of Water fills the screen and great white sharks appear to attack you foe. Batman gets a well timed attack sequence with batarangs, stun guns, smoke bombs and finally the batmobile roars in to run over your enemy! It’s so damn satisfying if you get to pull off your super move.


If all that wasn’t enough mini games are presented to give you a break from the non-stop fighting (but I LOVE the fighting!). Depending on the chapter the story unfolds with a mini game. You could be Batman dodging and blocking arrows, Superman blasting cars thrown at him with heat vision. In a God of War / Simon Says fashion you match buttons with what’s indicated on the screen. The combinations increase in complexity and speed so remember your button layout well.

So what about the Collector’s Edition?!

The game itself is $59.99 and the Collectors Edition is $99.99. I had to ask myself what am I getting for the additional $40.00?


The collectors edition offers a 13-inch statue of Wonder Woman and Batman duking it out. It’s a beautifully complex design with Wonder Woman’s magic lasso wrapped around the Dark Knight’s neck as she is about to smash a small Kryptonian ship onto him. You can see a batarang stuck in the hull of the ship from a failed attempt to target Wonder Woman. I really love the design of the statue, unfortunately it has a plastic feel to it, probably because it’s made of hollow plastic and not a resin. I was hoping that it would have more weight to it like Batman Arkham City’s Collectors Edition statue or Mortal Kombat Collectors Edition Scorpion and Sub-Zero books ends. If it has a little more depth in the paint job along with a less hollow feel I’d be happier.


That’s not the only thing you get in the Collectors Edition. You get three alternate costume DLC skins of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman from the New 52 designs based on Jim Lee’s work. Prices have not been announced for DLC skins yet, but I imagine they are worth between $1.99 – $2.99 per DLC skin. A free digital copy of the animated movie Justice League DOOM and the first issue of Injustice Gods Amongst Us comic book.

Our final verdict is go for the standard game.


The money you save on passing up on the collectors edition can be spent buying the Season Pass for $14.99 that will deliver four new downloadable characters (Lobo has just been announced as one of the four) as well as three DC Flashpoint DLC skins for Aquaman, Deathstroke and Wonder Woman.


To boot you’ll get a discount on other new skins developed throughout the year.

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