Excitement Builds for Man of Steel – Trailer 3


OK Superman fans, it might actually be time to push the Man of Steel Anticipation Barometer to … Cautiously Optimistic.

Previous teasers/trailers/Comic-Con sneak peaks for Zack Snyder’s Superman flick have been rather, um, moody? Bleak? Somewhat action-less? Basically, there was a lot of young and old Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) sulking around conflicted about being super-human and stuff. Even when there were explosions and flight scenes, they were still scored with an ominous choir or something. Folks were starting to worry this flick would be a sucker-punch instead of a knock out. But the latest trailer for Man of Steel packs a wallop.

First of all, there’s the destruction of Krypton. It’s just a brief cut, but it’s proof that (presumably) Snyder is coming out of the gate strong. Then there’s General Zod (Boardwalk Empire’s Michael Shannon) threatening massive destruction and swearing, “I will find him!” Then there’s all the city-saving, speeding-bullet-beating and flying – so much flying! (Also, was that Zod that got punched in the face mid-flight? Even if it wasn’t, that was kind of awesome.) Apparently, when Snyder told Entertainment Weekly “there’s no kryptonite in the movie” he meant there was nothing holding back the man with the “S” on his chest.

So basically this is the Man of Steel trailer everyone’s been waiting for. Sure, there’s still plenty of mood and whatnot, but this one balances all the feels with some big bang (and a lot more Lois Lane/Amy Adams). Man of Steel is still a little ways off – it opens June 14 – but it’s starting to look like it’s worth the wait.

via Wired

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