Futurama Canceled! (again)

futurama-canceledFuturama fans, once again, the end is near! Two seasons after Comedy Central revived the fan favorite, the network has decided to not renew the series.  Yes fans, we’ve had this happen to our beloved series a couple times already.  We all (including the creators and writers) have gotten used to the idea that the series may be on the cusp of being canceled.  But will it truly be the last we see of Fry and Company?

The announcement of Futurama season 6 followed the heels of the series ‘Family Guy’.   That series had similarly been canceled by Fox in 2002 only to be resurrected in 2005 on Cartoon Network.  In 2008-2009, Futurama too saw post-cancellation airtime when Comedy Central turned the Futurama direct-to-DVD movies into a ‘5th’ season by splitting the three movies into 16 half-hour episodes.  After the re-surging popularity of Futurama, the network ordered a 26-episode 6th season.  Futurama then un-retired in Jordan-esque manner triumphantly returning to the air in 2010-2011.  Its successful comeback green-lit another 26-episode 7th season.  We’re currently in the mid-season hiatus of season 7, meaning the remaining 13 episodes will again impose pending doom for our Planet Express crew.

However, at this point, I feel that Futurama has tied up many of the loose ends that had existed in the show.  Fry was purposefully sent to the future by the Nibblonians to save the universe.  Fry and Leela have had many a happy ending by now.  Matt Groening calls the series finale, the Fry and Leela wedding, “a tasteful, emotional gorefest … It’s a really satisfying ending. It’s an epic ending. If indeed it’s the ending.”

Now seems like the appropriate time for Futurama to continue in the likes of Michael Jordan and retire once again into the wild green yonder. Like Jordan, we’ve got plenty of Futurama highlights to look back at.  And we’ll watch them on Netflix or DVDs or other ways, *ahem* bittorrent.  Planet Express Crew, we’ll miss you until, of course, you get resurrected again (fingers crossed).

The second half of the 7th and final season of Futurama airs June 19, 2013 on Comedy Central.

Source: EW.com

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