FanimeCon 2013 Returns to San Jose May 24-27


One of the biggest anime conventions returns to San Jose May 24-27 FanimeCon 2013. Once a year fans of anime come together dawning costumes of their favorite characters from various anime series like One Piece, Naruto, Pokemon and much more. It’s total anime geek splendor and worth a visit each year with ever growing numbers of attendees and exhibit dealers to buy goodies from.

FanimeCon 2013 also promotes asian films from Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. Typically these films could be only seen at asian film festivals, FanimeCon’s growth has expanded to bring you the opportunity to watch these films right in San Jose! The Video events are played virtually around the clock and will provide a full weekend of entertainment.

You’d can expect to watch a great selection of anime, asian films, gaming and more, but did you know FanimeCon hosts Karaoke, Ballroom Dancing and Speed Dating?! You and your friends can get together and sing with the latest pop selections. FanimeCon also provides the opportunity to meet like-minded fans like yourself to spend time with and has setup speed dating for interested fans. That’s love for you from FanimeCon.

It’s a fun-filled anime event with a lot of everything for anime fans. Come down May 24-27 at the San Jose Convention Center.

Sign up for tickets on the FanimeCon website.

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