Marvel Heroes Beta Review


Marvel Heroes is spectacular with unlimited hero groups.

Marvel Heroes is a MMO hack and slash role playing game that taps into the the Marvel Universe characters and stories. The closest popular game type to this would probably be Diablo which was coincidentally co-created by Gazillion CEO David Brevik.

Typically a game like Diablo would offer four character classes, you can play up to four characters in a game. With Marvel Heroes they’ve thrown that concept out the window making it a come-one-come-all team scenario! It’s pretty damn spectacular to see so many players fighting together. Marvel Heroes gives you a sense of being a part of a non-secluded world where you can join group easily without having to be in a party.

Gameplay is action-packed and loaded with tons of effects, bullets, laser beams, grenades, robots and interactive environments make for a pleasurable experience. As you you complete missions and move to new maps the action becomes more intense. When you begin in Hell’s Kitchen the pace moves normally until you move on to Madripoor which is filled with Hydra Agents and Hand Ninjas. It feels like a mini war is going on and every Marvel Heroe is on deck.

I got to choose Iron Man as my initial character and fell in love with his abilities. Specifically the machine gun-like repulsor barrage, ground smash and power dash were my favorites. I got to see other Iron Man players earn the Arc Reactor chest blaster and wished I had more time to earn the ability myself. Though you might start out playing with one character, you can actually swap heroes on the fly by pressing the ‘T’ key and double-clicking another heroe you have in your collection. I had Collossus and Cyclops in my roster but never got a chance to really build them up.

Other elements of the game allow for crafting items via Ant-Man / Giant-Man, Hank Pym. He can make serums to revive your health and spirit with elements you give him. You can also donate items to increase his Hank’s experience, opening up new concoctions and gadgets for him to make. There are storage lockers for your items, but it won’t last for long with the abundance of characters offered.

Really great gameplay here, but with so much action going on screen you need to be warned that the load on your graphics card will become instense. The game supports video cards on all levels but if you want to see high detail and smooth game play invest in a more powerful GPU. I had played the beta on a Radeon 5830 on high detailed and the game play stuttered. I then played the beta on a GTX 470 and revelled in the pureness of the game.

Marvel Heroes is free to play and will be available June 4th. Early access for founder packs will be available May 28th. See you in the game!

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