Man of Steel – Superman (The Real Chat) Movie Review


EZP88: How was the movie?
Sideswipe2674: It was OK, but has potential to be good.
Sideswipe2674: I feel like it’s a little slow at start and needs a bit more character depth for Clark Kent.
Sideswipe2674: The Superman action scenes are great.
EZP88: Cool
Sideswipe2674: I wish they built up Clark Kent a bit more, they gave good reasons for why he became the man he is today…
Sideswipe2674: …but I felt like there needed to be a little more.
EZP88: Well, the story goes from child to adult in 1 that’s hard to do…
EZP88: …unless they broke it up.
Sideswipe2674: Yeah, it is hard to do.
Sideswipe2674: They gave some good reasons for Clark becoming the man he is today, but it just felt a little rushed.
EZP88: I see.
Sideswipe2674: With a actor like Henry Cavill, being Clark Kent…
Sideswipe2674: …you’re a big handsome guy, and some characters that interact with Clark are lost on his size and charm. It didn’t feel realistic.
Sideswipe2674: He definitely felt out of place as Clark Kent, but he’s not the Clark Kent that we grew up knowing.
Sideswipe2674: He’s trying to find out who he is, so he’s not the clumsy reporter alias just yet.
Sideswipe2674: He’s much more natural as Superman in this film.
EZP88: hahaha
Sideswipe2674: As slow as the story was, it made up for it with the action in the middle and end.
Sideswipe2674: The story lags in between, so I felt like pacing was off.
EZP88: So, you got a little bored after the first action scene?
Sideswipe2674: Yeah.
EZP88: How would you rank it with the rest of the blockbusters so far?
Sideswipe2674: I’d rank it, Star Trek, Iron Man 3 then Superman.
EZP88: Really?
Sideswipe2674: Iron Man 3 has comedy, charm and personality.
EZP88: I thought Iron Man 3 was far behind Star Trek.
Sideswipe2674: Superman feels more serious.
EZP88: I think I liked Fast and Furious 6 more than Iron Man 3.
Sideswipe2674: Star Trek is way beyond all of them.
Sideswipe2674: Superman feels like a movie with potential, and that’s the problem…
Sideswipe2674: …its still just a movie with potential.

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