RoboCop First Trailer Merges Man And Machine

Back in July, Comic-Con attendees got a look at the upcoming RoboCop remake, which is due to hit theaters next February. Today, the film’s first official trailer has landed online, giving us a look at Jose Padilha’s film, which stars Joel Kinnaman as Alex Murphy, the policeman who – due to what appears to be a car bomb explosion, is left paralyzed until the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp uses their technology to get him back on his feet, turning him into the titular Robocop in the process.

Of course, this wasn’t merely an act of generosity on the part of OmniCorp. The company is hoping to bring their controversial technology to the States, though there’s some resistance to the idea of machines enforcing the law. But as we see in the trailer, Murphy’s not a machine. Not entirely, anyway. There’s programming involved, as the trailer indicates, and Alex is under the illusion that he’s in control. Or maybe it’s OmniCorp that’s under the illusion that they’re in control, as Alex eventually manages to override the system.

“The human element will always be present,” a frustrated Gary Oldman states toward the end of the trailer. “Compassion, fear, instinct, they will always interfere with the system.”

And isn’t that where things get interesting? We can only hope so.

The trailer doesn’t show everything we saw at Comic-Con. There’s one scene from the SDCC footage that stood out to me, involving the drones that were being used overseas. They were silver terminator-looking robots with red laser eyes and they were patrolling the streets, while a reporter in the forefront is talking about how harmonious everything is as these big scary machines keep guard, and then there’s a huge explosion and everything goes wrong. If I remember it correctly, it looked like a big, disastrous example of why these drones aren’t such a good thing for society, and why it’s a big political issue in America, as some people don’t want the technology to be used to enforce law in the U.S. It seems as though Alex Murphy is the compromise there, being both man and machine. He’s the figure Americans can rally behind. Of course, all signs point toward things not going according to OmniCorp’s plan.

Another little nugget of trivia shared at Comic-Con was that the visor comes up whenever Alex is interacting socially, and it comes down when he’s threatened or angry, or there’s some kind of danger.

RoboCop is due to arrive in theaters February 7. In addition to Kinnaman and Oldman, the film stars Michael Keaton, Abbie Cornish, Jay Baruchel and Samiel L. Jackson.

via Cinema Blend

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