Thor – The Dark World Review



Thor the Dark World Brings back Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins back together again for a sequel. The movie takes place after the invasion of New York from the Avengers movie and taps into Asgards position on securing the safety of the multiple realms with Thor himself leading the battles. Of course though an ancient threat older than Odin’s beard looms threatening to cast darkness over the realms forever through the dark elves lead by Malekith.

Jane Foster, is the catalyst for the adventure that lies ahead, which calls our mighty thunder demi-god back to earth. Still I wonder with such limited time between Thor and Jane from the first film, how could they ever possibly be THAT in love?

The cast does a great job of jumping back in their roles and the story line includes some tear jerkers. I think in terms of loss, this Marvel film got me closest to shedding those fictional tears for the royal Asgardian family. There’s also the usual amount of whimsical comedy we have come to grow fond of from Marvel films, say hello again to Stan Lee and a star spangled Avenger team member!

The visuals on Asgard are just jaw dropping awesome. Details and beauty that could have only come as a dream defines the splendor of the kingdom so much that Earth is pretty much ho-hum by comparison. Well, it is where us mortals live after all.

As with most Marvel movies studio films, there is a play towards building up to a larger story and the end-scene right before the credits, with what could very well be the the legendary gem stones for Thano’s most powerful weapon.

  • Good story
  • Great Actors
  • Impressive looking villains
  • Our next clue as to what the Avengers maybe facing

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