Marvel Heroes Game Opens Bridge to Asgard with 2.0 Update

One constant to the Marvel universe is that no matter how big your last enemy might be, there’s always someone waiting in the wings to make things even worse. Sure, the players of Marvel Heroes have defeated Victor Von Doom and shut down his nefarious plans… but someone was waiting to take all of his power just offscreen, someone with just as much of a chip on his shoulder. Now it’s Loki’s time to shine.

Yes, the next major installment for Marvel Heroes is here now, and it’s focusing on all of the Norse goodies you would imagine. That means new items, new enemies, new areas, and the Trickster himself as a playable character.

Features in Asgard – Game Update 2.0

• Asgard – This kingdom of god will feature expanded new zones, new supervillains and events which lead players to unlock the Bifrost Bridge to Asgard. The new player hub being included as a part of update is Odin’s Palace.

• Playable Villain Loki – The god of mischief is the first playable villain in the game. Loki is well known for sorcery and can use “fire magical blasts, control spires of ice, and create illusions to confuse his foe.” He can also transform into a massive Frost Giant and thus gain new powers.

• New Starting Characters – A new set of superheroes can now be selected as expansions have been made with the update allowing players to choose one more superhero from a list of nine unique heroes. It was expanded from the original five heroes.

• More Story Content – The story will continue in Asgard with the inclusion of newer story missions and voiced motion comics.

• New Items – It will include item types like rings. Update 2.0 also adds new item slots in Legendary items.

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