PS4 Review – Dual Shock 4, Beyond the Graphics


With the PS4 release selling out during last week’s launch, millions of owners take delight in next-gen graphics. Sony made it clear that this PlayStation was going to be a hardcore game machine.

The PS4 is no doubt a FANTASTIC game machine. Getting to play Kill Zone Shadow Fall highlighted the technical prowess of the machine. It’s all there in the textures, lighting, smoke and particle effects. It’s sort of like looking at a picture with all its visual vibrancy and detailed beauty, but you’re in control of it. It’s what we were expecting, but surely there is more to a game console than just the graphics.

New players will be treated to the Dual Shock 4 controller. In my opinion this is THE finest controller delivered by Sony and combines some really great technology, opposed to buying separate components to create a new experience. The Sony PlayStation team did the amazing by merging touch, motion, tracking, audio and good old vibration.

A few years back the PS3 introduced PlayStation Move controllers. guess what it’s now a part of Dual Shock 4.

Audio speakers have been included into the controller to produce a more immersive game playing experience. In Kill Zone Shadow Fall you can pick up audio devices, and play them back on your controller. It feels like you’re carrying evidence right in your hands…it’s a quite bit louder than the Nintendo Wii mote speaker.

A track pad button brings us a versatile menu or action, that in time you’ll grow to love. You can swipe your finger to show menus, maps, deploy drones or initiate attacks as well as reconfigure the button to be virtually any command.


The controller’s combination of technology makes the optional PlayStation Camera a potential hit with AR games. PlayStation decided not to include the PlayStation Camera in the bundle to keep the price as lean as possible. The PS4 provides an app called the Playroom. It’s a secondary priority game focus but allows a gateway to fun AR games for families and children. In the demo, You get little minion robots you can toss out of your Dual Shock 4, vacuum them back up in a wind tunnel and shake them around inside the controller to hear their tiny cute little cry’s. The app offers an AR pong like game, and a funny little robot pet where when mad will try to set your hair on fire!

The controller also makes it easy to share any of your trophies and game footage over social media site like facebook via the “share” button.

When I think of how lovingly the PS4 team designed a controller that “can do it all”. I’m in awe of how well priced the system really is. Playing with the PS4 for a weekend made me believe Sony has edged out every offering they could to bring us a console we will never have any regrets about buying.

With the good there comes the bad, having all these new abilities can drain the battery faster and if you were using your PS3 as a media player you’ll notice that it’s been removed. It’s all a part of Sony’s focus on creating a pure game machine, but there is demand already by owners to bring the media center back.

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