Titan Fall: The Beta Test Review

titan fall beta review

With Titan Fall getting as much hype as it has, I had some high expectations for the type of game play I’d like to experience. When you first log on, you’ll want to go through the training simulator once to get to know your pilot and titan controls. It’s not all to hard since the titan plays much like your pilot view. The game offers more movement than most FPS shooters, like double jump, running up walls and use of an eject button to escape impending doom when your titan has had enough.

The game is big and beefy with beautiful landscapes to run, hide and call down your titans. As a pilot your load outs can range from a smart gun that tracks opponents and fires homing bullets! Really neat in close up encounters, and you feel a bit like Robocop! The regular carbine, shot gun and pistols are available as well and you’re also equipped with anti-titan weaponry. You’re going to need this when you see a hulking mass of machine try to run you down or blast you with quad launching rockets.

Switching from human combat weapons to titan weapons is easy, but I tend to run around firing my anti-titan weapon at everyone…just too fearful some juggernaut will catch me off balance in my beginning stages of play.

So we have all this weaponry and awesome movement that makes it possible to jump on top of titans and disable them, you’re like a ninja when it comes to fighting titans as a pilot, quick stealthy and trying to be be untraceable. Well as untraceable as you can be with a radar monitoring your movements unless you use the cloak feature.

Melee attacks remind me of the “Mighty Foot” from Duke Nuke’em and it does the job though you won’t want to rely on foot work to make a kill, sneak attacks from behind however are instant!

You’re running and gunning and you hear the titan deployment officer signal that your titan is ready to drop! Run up into a heavy war zone area and call it down!… right in the midst of the fight and you’ll blow up anything in the immediate area! What a way to see your mech come to life like Thor and the Terminator combined! Jump into your titan, activate your shields to repel those who would take advantage of your orientation in the big bot and toss those bullets and missiles you’ve caught with your shields back in their faces!

You can punch, dash, run fire your primary weapons or deploy a salvo of rockets. YOU are war incarnate! Like playing Halo, you have a natural shield system that replenishes as you find areas away from battle to recover.

I also like to play what I call the Iron Giant formation where my titan and I buddy up fighting side by side. You can command your titan to follow or guard an area…what are best friends for right?

I loved this game, I don’t think it’s for everyone but if you’re a Call of Duty, Battlefield, Robotech, Pacific Rim fan…the mix is undeniable and fluid with combat. It’s natural and fun, come to think of it if this game is not for you I’d be pretty surprised. See you online March 11 when it releases.

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