Big Wow Comicfest 2014 Cosplay & More

Big Wow Comicfest is here again in the San Francisco bay area and has once again united geeks! This year’s convention is also host to the Famous Monsters Festival which introduces kaiju & classic japanese tv guests like Kenpachiro Satsuma, Daisuke Ban,and Satoshi Furuya. If these names don’t sound familiar their original costumed alter egos will, with Godzilla, Kinkaida and Ultraman!

What’s a comic book convention without comic books artists?! There are plenty in attendance including the great Neal Adams of DC & Marvel fame, but best known for his work on Batman, Green Lantern & Superman. Hellboy’s creator Mike Mignola stands by to meet, greet and sign for his fans, and there are plenty more epic artists to sign your comic book treasures!

BigWow Comicfest, continues to expand it’s creative panel sessions with costume designing, how to get into the comic book business and toy talk! In between sessions you’ve got check out the exhibition hall for all the geek merchandise you never knew you wanted! So who’s going to BigWow Comicfest? these great cosplay fans and you of course! The number of attendees grows every year and we can’t wait for a 2015 show. Big Wow Comicfest has another full day of fun this Sunday May 18, don’t miss out!

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Photo Credit – Kent Wong

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