After hundreds of thousands of fans spending decades arguing who would win in a fight (or maybe that was just me), Mattel has finally gone and done the impossible by bringing both ‘Thundercats’ and ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ under one roof! During all of the insanity that is San Diego Comic Con, Mattel revealed a plethora of awesome new toys that are coming our way over the course of the next year, and amongst those announcements were all new toys for both aforementioned brands!

For their ‘Masters of the Universe Classics’ toyline, Mattel was quick to clarify that the line was not actually ending yet! The end of the toyline had been hinted at and teased for the better part of the past year through an extensive marketing plan that was meant to imply that things were wrapping up. Thankfully, the line will be continuing, although with a few changes.

Prices are set to lower slightly, with figures now costing $24 each for Matty Collector subscribers, and $27 each for non-subscribers, and aside from the main ‘Masters of the Universe Classics’ subscription, this year they would also be running an additional subscription called ‘Club Filmation’, which will be a bi-monthly subscription with six all new figures stylized after the classic Filmation ‘Masters of the Universe’ animated series! Conformed for the ‘Club Filmation’ subscription so far as He-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man, and Trap Jaw so far, with more figures to be announced!

To top it all off, we’re getting an all new full scale Snake Mountain playset! This thing is massive, and will sport a ton of great features just like the original! Unlike the original, it does not include a voice changer microphone, but it DOES include a special Bluetooth speaker which you can link up to your smartphone to use as a voice changer or even just play music through!

Aside from these lines, Mattel also hinted that the ‘Masters of the Universe Minis’ would make a return at some point, and showed off a concept piece of a Castle Grayskull Mega Bloks set!

As far as their ‘Thundercats’ announcements, there was not a lot of information given beyond that these figures will be available through a Matty Collector subscription plan just like their ‘Masters of the Universe’ line. The only figures shown off so far are Lion-O, who is set to be released in July of 2016 and Jackalman, who is set to hit next August! Mattel also showed concept mock-ups of a ‘Mummy’ Mumm-Rah figure that is set to be the subscription exclusive figure for the series!

Whether you prefer to shout “Thundercats, HO!” or “I HAVE THE POWER!”, it is a very exciting time for a fan of either of these classic 80′s series, as these very well might be the best renditions we have ever seen made of any of these characters to date.

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